HINF 5012: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Jan 04-April 12 – Tuesday 5:00—8:00 P.M.

Instructor: Fei Wang (few2001@med.cornell.edu)

Course Objective: We will start introducing students the basic concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and its history. Then we introduce medical data representations and conventional AI technologies including supervised and unsupervised learning approaches. We will also introduce deep learning models including convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks, as well as knowledge representation with knowledge graphs and mining with graph neural networks. After the class the students will be able to understand the basic concept of AI and solve the computational health problem with the learned knowledge.

Credits: 3 credits.

Teaching Assistants: Zhenxing Xu (zhx2005@med.cornell.edu); Matthew Brendel (mbb4001@med.cornell.edu).

Course Format:
  • Every week there will be either a 3-hour lecture or in-class programming exercise in Python.
  • There will be 4 writing assignments (question-answering) and 3 programming assignments.
  • There will be a final exam.

  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Biostatistics; Programming in Python

    Date Content Presenter Materials Assignments
    01/04/2022 Lecture: Introduction to AI in medicine Fei Wang    
    01/11/2022 Programming: Introduction to Python Zhenxing Xu / Matthew Brendel   Programming Assignment 1 Posted
    01/18/2022 Lecture: Supervised Learning for Classification and Predictive Modeling Fei Wang   Writing Assignment 1 Posted
    01/25/2022 Programming: Supervised Learning Zhenxing Xu / Matthew Brendel    
    02/01/2022 Lecture: Unsupervised Learning for Clustering and Subtype Discovery Fei Wang   Writing Assignment 1 Due, Writing Assignment 2 Posted
    02/08/2022 Programming: Clustering Zhenxing Xu / Matthew Brendel   Programming Assignment 1 Due, Programming Assignment 2 Posted
    02/15/2022 Lecture: Deep Learning – Convolutional Neural Networks Fei Wang   Writing Assignment 2 Due, Writing Assignment 3 Posted
    02/22/2022 Programming: CNN Zhenxing Xu / Matthew Brendel    
    03/01/2022 Canceled   Writing Assignment 4 Posted
    03/08/2022 Lecture: Deep Learning – Recurrent Neural Networks Fei Wang   Programming Assignment 2 Due
    03/15/2022 Programming: RNN Zhenxing Xu / Matthew Brendel   Writing Assignment 3 Due, Programming Assignment 3 Posted
    03/22/2022 Lecture: Graph Learning Fei Wang    
    03/29/2022 Programming: Graph Analysis Zhenxing Xu / Matthew Brendel   Writing Assignment 4 Due
    04/05/2022 Final Exam Zhenxing Xu / Matthew Brendel   Programming Assignment 3 Due

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